Character study: Bug? Baby?

I am irritated there are bugs everywhere and hair in my fingers. I dont know what anything means anymore. Taking up space on the bench. My head itches and I dont know if that’s a good sign or just an itch. There it is again. Horn beeps. Does the man come in my room to give me huggies at night? A bug flies. A door slams. Keys jingle in her hand. “Were you in the lobby?” Scratching her shoulder. Touching my cheek. My head itches under this and where is the boy? I am not alone. Advertisements Continue reading Character study: Bug? Baby?

You don’t like haiku.

I keep crying in the road You made me jack. “I don’t like this duality.” You shimmer  when I glamour but You silly when “I can’t see my self.”   I shouldn’t have You cancelled I couldn’t have You cancelled. I almost left an egg. You: very direct I…except with can’t be I must This segment a cowboy. I try to make. Here it is- Morissette plays in the toothbrush aisle. I almost CAUTION: HOT me   I’m still coming good final here still hi     Continue reading You don’t like haiku.


Let’s get real. Erase all the bullshit. W hcih it was true for a moment this is not a poem.  Stop spacing.  Everything you read is not true but what is is how goddammit how I feel abou tou .  the other stuff poinits sto lies stop fiddokling with my registere but not intentional it just looks that way life likes to laugh at me like that. not a poem, Continue reading me.


If I wrote a poem about eukoruate euyk  stem cells Would ou read it Or would I sit in a cell in Take a number Wat does it matter We don’t care I don’t Eat my fucking pancake carve m turkey put the pill pop in the pan Do it now.  eat it What the fuck is wrong with me take the pinaaple can Into the bathroom Spray Repeat Spra it till our ees falls out Art. Continue reading poetry/